Zotero is a very powerful system, which can also be used as a reference/bibliogrphy manager. We have set up a Zotero group called murdoch-atmos. To become a member of the group, contact Jatin (moc.liamg|KJ.alaK.nitaJ#moc.liamg|KJ.alaK.nitaJ) or Lolo (ua.ude.hcodrum|uihamaW.K#ua.ude.hcodrum|uihamaW.K).

Zotero is essentially a firefox plug-in, and you can also get the "stand-alone" software to run on your machine. Rather than save pdfs to some folder, and name the file something useful, which you will hopefully remember to look at, you can simply "save pdf to zotero". You can of course also drag and drop papers from local folders to your zotero library. Once in you local zotero library (click on zotero icon at lower left to open zotero), you can right-click on the pdf and click on "Retrieve metadata for PDF", and it will get all the bibliographic information. If can then add notes and tags to that entry. You can drag and drop it to any group libraries you may have.

There is also a zotero word plugin, so you can generate references auto-matically. You can create bibtex entries etc.

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