For general information and introduction to latex, see the wikibooks latex book.

The stackexchange tex forum is very useful to find solutions to Latex issues. It also provides some very useful advice, for example start by looking at writing and managing a thesis in latex.

A popular cross platform and free Latex editor is Texmaker.

Another one for Windows only, but not free (fairly cheap) is WinEDT

WinEDT has some quite nice features, which TexMaker does not have, a matter of personal preference.

A template for Murdoch University PhD or Honours thesis can be downloaded here

Some explanation of the template:

  • You only need to edit the *.tex files and the *.bib file
  • You need to compile the THESIS.tex file
  • The muthesis.cls file controls all the formatting. Do not change it unless you know what you are doing
  • The .bst file controls the referencing style
  • The .bib file contains all entries defining each reference
  • Almost all Journal home pages allow you to export citations in bibtex format, do NOT manually create bib items for journal articles, you should NOT have to
  • When you get bib entries from Jounral home pages, often this will have more information that needed, it is good to clean these up.
  • It is good practice to keep your bib entries in alphabetical order of the keyword used for each
  • Good luck! Google is your friend!
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